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Lighting up your numbers

Lightbulb Finance shines a light on your financial data to help you make decisions and accelerate the performance of your business. If you have numbers you need to understand or data you’re not sure how to use, schedule your free consultation now.


Want to accelerate your business’ financial performance? Get analysis and insights on a regular basis? Or simply figure out what to do with all that raw financial data? We tailor our services to your unique story and needs. Here are just a few of our fully-customizable offerings:

The report card

When you need this

You don’t know where to start. Your bookkeeper does your numbers, and you look at them when you find the time, usually at year end when your financial statements arrive. Maybe last year you made money but this year you didn’t, or your sales grew this year but your profits shrank. If this sounds familiar, we should talk.

What it is

Quite literally a report card, complete with grades, detailed analyses, commentary on some key financial metrics, and tailored recommendations on what to do next to get you back on track to reaching your business and financial goals.

The deep dive

When you need this

You know what’s wrong, but aren’t sure what to do about it. Maybe you aren’t profitable yet, or you were but now you aren’t, or you’re watching your profitability go down each quarter. Maybe your cash flow needs work, or you have plans to grow but don’t know how you’ll pay for it. Whatever issue you’re facing, I’m here to help.

What it is

A deep dive into the area you have identified, with an output we agree on, whether it’s an income statement for each of your product lines, a cash flow forecast, an annual budget, or a model for showing your growth plans.

Ongoing maintenance

When you need this

Financial metrics? Key Performance Indicators? You’ve heard the terms, but don’t know how to apply them to stay on target with your monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. Maybe you already provide reports to your Board and investors, but want to outsource that role to someone who’ll add insights and recommendations to the numbers.

What it is

A scorecard tailored to your business that monitors all of the key metrics you need to make decisions and reach your goals. Together we’ll decide how often to meet to review the reporting, and what to do based on the results.

Client stories

Our clients and their businesses have unique stories—and so do their financials. By understanding them both, we’re able to tailor our services to their specific situations and, ultimately, light up their numbers.

Power Edge Team


Grow revenue by building solid customer relationships and industry understanding.

Custom Services

Monthly financial reports with in-depth analyses, internal business tools development.

Lighting up the numbers

Regular reporting and analysis clearly tracks the company’s performance over time and enables strategic adjustments. Key metrics have improved as much as 8.5% in just a few months.

This is J


Use financial data on key sales trends to improve decision making for product manufacturing.

Custom Services

Monthly reports that identify sales patterns and trends in profitability.

Lighting up the numbers

Regular reporting and analysis gives the company deeper insight into financial performance so that decisions can be made for profitability and business strategy.

Lind Equipment


Gain in-depth understanding of financial trends in business to be able to make decisions in key areas.

Custom Services

Deep dive analysis of financials across multiple business lines.

Lighting up the numbers

Provided insights that identified where the issues were (which were not where expected) and specific recommendations to address and resolve the challenges.

My Story

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Cynthia Warner, CFA, MBA

Why I'm doing this

You’re busy—and you don’t have time to watch your numbers.

Your business is growing and each day brings a hundred new tasks, leaving you little time to track financial performance. Your bookkeeper updates the basic numbers, but they don’t tell you much. Suddenly you notice things are off budget, the bottom line isn’t adding up, and you don’t quite know where to start to get it all back on track. I’m here to help.

Lighting up your numbers.

I love numbers and figuring out the stories they tell today and how to make them better for tomorrow. I want to shine the brightest light on your numbers, show you exactly what needs attention, and provide clear step-by-step solutions you can follow to propel your business to new heights of profitability and success.

I want you and your business to succeed.


What I've done

Over 15 years at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), I worked with more than 100 public and private businesses providing funding, strategic advice, and financial insight. From an award-winning $1.8B syndicated loan for a publicly-traded company, to a $50,000 credit card for an innovative startup in a niche market, I worked hard for each client to ensure they received everything they needed to realize their vision.

My approach

Before my time at RBC, I was a physiotherapist, and my method of working with clients is rooted in both. First, I listen to you, your unique story, and your goals. Then, I use my expertise to give you comprehensive insight on your numbers, so that you can make the right decisions for your business.


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